Why should you join WOA? Answers here.

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Why should you join WOA? Answers here.

Post by B0MB on Tue Nov 11, 2008 6:25 pm

Alright. I realize we aren't the biggest clan out there right now. I know that, and I'm sure you have figured it out as well. BUT WE AREN'T DEAD.

There are a lot of advantages to joining small clans. Below are the reasons YOU SHOULD JOIN:

1. You get to know everyone in a small clan and know them well. You will be better friends with people in a small clan because you will know them better...in big clans, you may not get to know everyone in the clan so well.

2. You gain more respect in the clan if you are loyal to a small clan. And of course, as you gain more respect, you get more clan points and move your way up the ranks, and gain more power. Big Grin

3. You can easily gain a spot in clan wars and such. I used to be a well-respected member in a big wii clan...I didn't get into a clan war until months after I joined. I wasn't noticed as much. Hence, the reason I quit that clan.

4. All the members here are nice, a big plus. It's awful when you join a clan with an asshole leader. Our admins will never be mean to you. One of our most important rules (and one of our only) is treat others the way you want to be treated. We will warn you if you are not being nice to our members.

5. We are under new leadership...our new leaders and current members are the most loyal members of the clan. Some of our admins have stuck with the clan for years. You can always count on our admins. They do their best.

6. We are beginning to implement a new ranking system we have made...the clan points system. This system will be used to determine your rank in the clan. It will keep people from begging for ranks. Tounge

7. We aren't looking for the #1 MKWii player in the world. We aren't looking for super elite gamers or anything. WE DONT HAVE TRYOUTS! Almost everyone who correctly fills out an application will get in!

...Just something for anyone considering joining to think about.

WOA NEEDS YOU. We want our small clan to become big. But, a different kind of big clan. I think that if we became big, we could be a great clan. Different from the others. And that's what we want.


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